Sunday, March 13, 2011

Return from American Brazilian Meeting

I am just now catching my breath after a very busy American Brazilian Meeting, in Park City, Utah. The meeting was truly international, with members of 14 countries present.  A broad variety of cosmetic topics were covered and I came home more energized than ever to practice the art of Plastic Surgery.  My presentations went very well and I was struck by something as I was presenting my work.  There really are three categories the Plastic Surgeon can work in; 1. The early or youthful patient wanting to age in a balanced way, hoping to avoid major intervention in the future, treated non surgically, with filler and Botox/Dysport 2. The patient who really is a surgical candidate but does not want to have surgery and is willing to accept limitations of current non surgical technology 3. The surgical patient who, for a variety of reasons, may have fallen short of the desired outcome and does not want more surgery, the so called surgical buffer/salvage.  On a daily basis, I work on all three categories and patients are getting more dramatic improvement than I ever could have imagined.  While patient expectations continue to climb, fortunately, technology is out pacing their expectations. Several plastic surgeons came up to me after my presentation and said they never thought of cosmetic enhancement in the way I presented, the so called "Aesthetic Enhancement-Lite".  I am excited for the future and feel we are seeing a powerful wave and I am proud to be riding it!