Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lip Service

When it comes to the perfect pout, what do your lips say?

While we used to frequently encounter that so-called "trout pout" of the last decade, today there’s definitely a backlash against any enhancement that looks obvious and “overdone.”

“It’s about enhancing your natural lip contours,” says Dr. Few. “If you try to change the shape, you could have a very unnatural-looking result.”

But how do you know? Dr. Few offers up 5 lip tips that will wipe the pout off your lips and leave you all smiles:

  1. The upper lip shouldn’t be larger than the lower lip.
    “Although Julia Roberts has a larger upper lip [and pulls it off!], it’s generally an unnatural proportion and will result in an unnatural looking lip,” says Dr. Few.
  2. Enhance your natural lip definition.
    “Don’t just make your lips bigger. This is a common mistake that creates those unnaturally protruding ‘duck lips’.”
  3. Don’t expect to erase all your lip and mouth ridges and folds.
    “If you inject too much filler, the skin will stretch and create what we call ‘sausage lips’.”
  4. Maintain your filler. (Restylane lasts approximately 6 months.)
    “Regular maintenance of your lips will create a more natural look, so don’t wait until it disappears to get a refill.”
  5. Avoid permanent fillers in the lips.
    “While the idea of a permanent filler is appealing, if you don’t like your result, you’ll have to have it surgically removed. As we like to say in the industry, permanent fillers, permanent problems.”

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