Sunday, June 12, 2011

Controversy can bring out our best in Aesthetics!!

I was honored to be part of the faculty for the inaugural Summit in Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Bass and Dr. Zachary did a brilliant job! It was very interesting to see differing approaches and to share opinions, positive and negative, on all things surgical, energy, and non surgical in Aesthetic Medicine. I made a plea for safety first, avoid aggressive treatments that alter graceful enhancement and related aging. I picked up some useful pearls on the use of lasers, I plan to bring these home! We all seem to be in agreement that aging is more than just sagging skin, it is a mix of volume loss-the balloon has lost some air, drooping of the tissue around the facial muscles, and wrinkling of the skin. Any successful cosmetic treatment has to include all three pieces of the puzzle-volume, droop, and skin! I am at the airport in Orange county now thinking of using my Ulthera-the ultrasound tissue tightener- in areas that I have injected filler. We may see even more improvement with the technology! These are some of the ideas at hand, more to come....

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