Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vegas Extravaganza

The Las Vegas Multispecialty meeting, held last week,  was a tour de force!! I was honored to be a part of the meeting and felt it was a world class educational experience. I lecture every day and helped to manage two symposia within the meeting.  What did I take away? After having panel discussions on minimally invasive technologies, such as focused ultrasound to tighten and lift the skin, to novel uses of injectables, to less traumatic surgery, I am more invigorated than ever to expand my Blending Concept. I believe that we are truly at a place of science fiction, for Star Trek fans remember the instant skin tightening device, all kinds of devices to make tissue better with less insult! I believe it is a brave new world and it is great to share this with dear, respected friends and colleagues at such a fantastic venue!! Bottom line, the combination of multiple applications, laser-focused energy devices/ultrasonic-injectables-skin care-minor surgery, creates a synergy that surpasses the independent value of any one alone, with more value to the patient!

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